Beautiful Time of the Year

A most beautiful time of the year. The whole countryside is greening up, trees are in the “leafing out” process, geese are honking their way north, and farmers are set to plant soybeans and corn. Our big maple tree (Acer) in the back yard is in the reddish seed pod (samaras) developing stage. They will later turn a tan color when ripe and then will rain down in whirlybird helicopter spinner style. It’s the maple’s way of propagating. It is a delight to watch.

Dandelions are populating the area parks and lawns. It’s odd that such an exquisitely beautiful flower is considered a weed. I harken back to my days on the farm and our war with the Canadian thistle. Each plant had a lovely fragrant pink flower. Neighbor John Payne called them the “lettuce from hell” thistle. The leaves have an array of prickly barbs that seemed to say, “stay away from me.” If you stood back away from a Canadian thistle plant and waited a few minutes, you could count on a bee using the flower as a landing pad.

We now have a stunning view of Lake Tomah. Obstructing brush has been cut away and numerous diseased ash trees have been removed. Fishing from the shore is popular and we see boaters on the water.

NASA (North American Squirrel Association) is building a handicapped accessible playground on the western side of Butts Park, the park across the street from our house.

I sent the manuscript of our next book, Country School Days: True Tales of a Wisconsin One-Room School, to the publisher yesterday. Hopefully out by early Fall.





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