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Programs: Mr. Science can do a wide variety of science presentations. Choose the one you prefer, or a combination of the listed programs. Sessions are tailored to grade level-from kindergarten, to middle school, to high school and adult and college level. Each presentation is heavy on audience participation.

Aerospace and Aviation: The amazing Bernoulli Principle. All things that fly, airplanes, rockets, hot air balloons, flying coffee cups, flying helicopters, rocket balloons, flying toilet paper, frisbees, curve ball thrower, vacuum cleaner, flying rings, levitated beach ball.

Sound and Waves: An all time favorite! What causes sound? Busy bee, roaring lion, squawking chicken, talking tape, how vibrating strings work, canjo, thunder tube, standing wave apparatus, pipe organ, whistles, soda straw oboe, boom whackers, palm pipes, singing glass, rod that sings,

The Magic of Science: Is it science or is it magic? Over 20 magic tricks or episodes. The audiences is challenged to discover the secrets. Some explained and remain mysteries. Make water disappear, invisible glue, cut a rope and restore it, laser brain detector, egg on the head, three cup observation, optical illusions, the bus driver story, make gravity disappear, vanishing colors, head shrink, and many more.

Liquids and Gases: All about air pressure, buoyancy, soap bubbles. Boyle’s Law potato gun, the diver’s bends, hovercraft, incompressibility of liquids, smoke rings, air zooka, zero launcher, Mickey Mouse ears, crush a can, shrink wrap a person, and many more. Pick up a chair with air pressure, Seat of nails, fire storm, dropper popper, make snow in the classroom.

Laws of Motion: Newton’s Three Laws presented in an exciting and fascinating way. Put the egg in the soda pop. Egg on the head, table cloth pull, dollar bill between pop bottles, three bowling balls in the buckets, egg in the blanket, rocket balloon, fire extinguisher rocket car, calcium carbide cannon, reaction time stick,

Electricity: The famous Van de Graaph generator that makes your hair stand on edge. Static electricity, levitate tinsel, the famous electric pickle, Fun Fly stick, energy ball, shoot the ring into the air, eddy currents, Jacob’s ladder, thrilling displays of electricity and how we use it.


Larry Scheckel


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