Books by Larry

Can People Just Burst into Flames? Answers to 170 Other Such Questions

With refreshingly uncomplicated explanations, Can People Just Burst Into Flames? resolves the everyday mysteries we all have wondered about. You’ll find entertaining and expansive answers to 171 questions, such as, “How come your tongue sticks to a frozen water pipe?” “Are dogs colorblind?” “What are some inventions by women?” “How much does the Earth weigh?” “What makes hail?” “Which sport’s projectiles move the fastest?” “How does a metal boat float?” “Can a human’s scream shatter glass?” “Are personality traits hereditary?” “Why is electricity so deadly?” “What happens to the white when snow melts?” “Why does a round pizza come in a square box?” “What makes a boomerang come back?”



I Just Keep Wondering 

A sequel to I Always Wondered About That and I Wondered About That Too. Here you will find entertaining and expansive answers to 121 question you didn’t even know you had, such as: Why can’t you tickle yourself? Why are cooking directions different at high attitude? Why does a full moon look really big on the horizon but smaller when it’s high in the sky? Where does the light go when you turn off the switch

The answers may surprise you and they’ll leave as a reader eager for more.


I Wondered About That Too: 111 Questions and Answers About Science and Other Stuff

Larry is an award-winning science teacher who turned his love for science into books that teach us how things work. The recently released book is a sequel to I Always Wondered About That. Here you will find entertaining an expansive answers to 111 questions you didn’t even know you had, such as: What color is my brain? Which is the deadliest snake? How high do birds fly? Is Jell-O really made from horse hoofs? The wide-ranging questions and answers will make readers eager to learn more.



Murder in Wisconsin: The Clara Olson Case.

            It reads like a novel, but it’s the true story of romance and courtship, intrigue and murder set among the hills of southwestern Wisconsin in 1926. Clara Olson, a pretty, devout Norwegian Lutheran farm girl meets Erdman Olson, a handsome, suave, smooth-talking college lad at a church picnic. They date for 18 months. When she finds herself in a family way and dreams of marriage, he promises her a wedding, and they plan a secret elopement. However, when Clara instead disappears, a search ensues and is resolved by the chance discovery of her hidden grave. The whole country is ultimately horrified by the shocking details of the tragic betrayal and murder.  It’s all here, laid out in suspenseful detail; the inquest, the funeral, and the subsequent search for her killer.  Murder in Wisconsin is a mesmerizing account of true crime at its worst.


I’ve Always Wondered About That: 101 Questions and Answers About Science and Other Stuff

Entertaining and educational, this book applies science to phenomena that are part of our everyday lives with questions and answers that appeal both to science nerds and those who never made it through high school chemistry class. Hypothetical, irreverent, and quirky questions—the kind you think of when driving down the road, mowing the lawn, or contemplating a sunset—are answered here with wit and wisdom.

Is time travel possible? Why was Abraham Lincoln so ugly? Is Bigfoot real? If you are in an elevator that falls, can you save yourself by jumping up just before it hits bottom?  Do fish drink water? If you hit a golf ball on the moon, how far will it go?

Questions you’ve always wondered about but never raised your hand in science class to ask are answered here with explanations free of scientific jargon or technical language. It tackles questions on the fringes of science, incorporates the latest scientific breakthrough, and brings a multi-disciplinary approach to discovery: anatomy, astrology, biology, chemistry, food science, geology, math, meteorology, music, physics, technology and zoology. Award-winning science teacher and longtime newspaper columnist, Larry Scheckel delights curious readers and sparks their scientific curiosity.

I’ve Always Wondered About That provides answers to 200 questions asked by his students and devoted readers about things many of us wonder. Experiments and activities involve readers in scientific exploration of the world around them. Amazing facts, marvels of science, humor, fascinating and fun for young and old .

Seneca Seasons: A Farm Boy Remembers

In Seneca Seasons, Larry Scheckel takes us to his boyhood days, growing up with12 frontcover eight siblings on the family farm in the hill country of southwestern Wisconsin. With both humor and grace, he shares his memories of seasonal farm life and the one-room country school out on Oak Grove Ridge, which was the social heart of the community, from the basket social to the Christmas program and the end-of-the-year school picnic. Join Scheckel on his nostalgic and evocative journey back to a simpler time when life revolved around family, farm, Church, and seasons.


Ask A Science Teacher

Fun and fascinating science is everywhere, and it’s a cinch to learn—just ask a science teacher!

Blank blackboard

We’ve all grown so used to living in a world filled with wonders that we sometimes forget to wonder about them: What creates the wind? Do fish sleep? Why do we blink? These are common phenomena, but it’s a rare person who really knows the answers—do you?

All too often, the explanations remain shrouded in mystery—or behind a haze of technical language. For those of us who should have raised our hands in science class but didn’t, Larry Scheckel comes to the rescue. An award-winning science teacher and longtime columnist for his local newspaper, Scheckel is a master explainer with a trove of knowledge. Just ask the students and devoted readers who have spent years trying to stump him!

Topics include: The Human Body · Earth Science · Astronomy · Chemistry · Physics · Technology · Zoology · Music · With refreshingly uncomplicated explanations, Ask a Science Teacher is sure to resolve the everyday mysteries you’ve always wondered about. You’ll learn how planes really fly, why the Earth is round, how microwaves heat food, and much more—before you know it, all your friends will be asking you!


Ask Your Science Teacher

Curiosity stirs the soul of every human. Can a person drink too much water?  How does gravity make things fall? Why do sunflowers always face the sun. What about a man flying with wings? How big would those wings have to be? How tall can a human grow? Why are tennis balls fuzzy? What does Einstein’s famous equation really mean? Why can’t we invent a time machine? Do aliens live among us? What is heav

y water? Why is it quiet after a snowfall? Why do dogs drool? How risky is driving a car? Mysteries lurk in our house, our body, the outdoors, in the heavens, and the universe. Over 250 “I always wondered about that” questions and answers are in this book.









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