Summer in Tomah

It’s been a busy but beautiful summer for the Scheckels in Tomah, Wisconsin. Ann and I have been doing two-a-week science presentations in Wilton, Gays Mills, Tomah, Warrens, Mauston, and environs. Many of these are part of summer library reading programs. We use a lot of volunteers from the audience and it very rewarding to see many kids excited about being a part of a science demonstration. Yes, or program is fast moving and entertaining, but we take time to explain the science principals involved. We try to express how these science activities are involved in their everyday life.
We also enjoy riding bicycle in the hill country of southern Monroe County. A group of us bike on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning to breakfast in one of several pancake nooks, such as Camp Douglas, Sparta, Wilton, Clifton, or Oakdale. Plentiful rains have ensured a lust, green countryside. The corn and soybean crops look good. Second crop hay is being baled or chopped. The roadside chicory and Queen Anne’s Lace greet us at every turn. The views from the top of the Ridge, along Highway A, are spectacular.
I have been a part of a flying club here in Tomah for many years and enjoy flying the Cessna 150 over the verdant quilt work of fields, forests, and farms. But something new; I’ve taken up learning to fly a radio controlled plane and let me tell you, it is not easy. There is an active RC club in Sparta and I have been taking a few lessons. I did successfully fly a Tower Hobby 60 inch wing trainer successfully for a few flights. But disaster struck when I flew it into the rising Sun in the east and lost track of it. The repair job is coming along nicely!
Ann and I were very happy to help Dick and Sandy celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary which is in September. Every year the Bishop in La Crosse has a Mass and dinner for all the couples in the Diocese who have their 50th in the calendar year. The commemoration was last Sunday at the Diocesan Center in south La Crosse.

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