On the road

Gays Mills 7 8 14 Wilton Library  7  7  14Ann and I have been on the road the past two days, doing science demonstrations to kids as part of their summer reading program. On Monday, it was down to Wilton where the librarian, Gina Rae hired us to do a one hour general demonstration program. So we did some great demonstrations on Bernoulli’s Principal, the science tenet that explains the lift of a wing on an aircraft, how a carburetor works, and a curve ball. We continued with sound and waves demonstrations, laws of vibrating strings, how sound is produced, and how organ pipes work. About 35 kids, had great time, very receptive audience.
On Tuesday, the Gays Mills library had Ann and I do an hour program around the theme of sound and waves. Pitch and frequency, waves, talk on a laser beam, singing rod. Highlight was having the 30 students play two songs using palm pipes.
We will be going down to Gays Mills for the next 3 Tuesdays, a different science theme each week. Next week is flight, aerospace, and rocketry.

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