Visit to Branson

We go to Branson, Missouri each year about the middle of November to take in the Christmas shows. It’s a magical place with a great concentration of musical talent. We have our favorites: Dixie Stampede, Daniel O’Donnell, Presley Family Jubilee, Shepherd of the Hills Chuckwagon Dinner, Clay Cooper, Hughes Bros, and several shows at the Little Opry Theatre.

A must stop is the Branson Belle Showboat dinner cruise on Table Rock Lake. Another is the Sight and Sound theatre with the Jesus production with large, lavishly furnished sets, and stunning choreography.

The locals are friendly, courteous, and helpful. Traffic is doable, as most tourists come by bus at this time of the year. It is refreshing to arrive at the theatre, have a seat, and strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Typically, it’s a retired farmer from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, or Illinois, whose younger family has taken over the operation of the farm.

Branson knows how to honor military veterans. Every show MC asks veterans to stand and be acknowledged and accept thanks for serving our country. We also like drive the Skyline that overlooks Branson and visit the College of the Ozarks, also knows as Hard Work U. Students work 15 hours a week, with a portion of the expenses covered by gifts and scholarships. They graduate debt-free.



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