Easter at Oak Grove School

Easter at Oak Grove School was celebrated in a quiet way. The week before Easter, Holy Week in the Catholic Church, the Teacher ran off sheets of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies from the hectograph machine. The lower grades could color them and the obligatory hanging them on a wall for display.

            School was out at noon for Good Friday. Many Churches held Good Friday services in the afternoon. Thursday became our Easter celebration day. We brought little baskets of candies, cookies, and brownies, to distribute and share.

         We were tasked with selling Easter seals. Teacher gave each family a sheet of 50 or 100 and they were to be sold for one cent each. Money went to help crippled children, especially those harmed by polio.

            The Kozelkas had a big brown lab dog that answered to Curly. In his prime, Curly walked to and from school each day. Curly hung out around the school building, and truly earned his keep by chasing after and retrieving the softball that was hit over the fence and into the woods.

            Curly wore out his welcome when he ate the eggs set out for the Easter Egg hunt. Curly had his fill, but we kids had our fill of Curly. He was literally in the doghouse from then on!

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