Journey from Scheckel farm to La Crosse in 1950

Continuing our journey from the Scheckel farm near Seneca to La Crosse, a trip we took twice a year when I was a boy, in the early 1950s.

There was a small plot of land near intersection of Highways 82 and 35 squeezed between the roadway and a steep bluff. It’s just where you make the turn onto the bridge that takes you to Lansing, Iowa. Every summer the Winnebago (now Ho Chunk) Indians built a wigwam there. Dad explained that the Indians built these wigwams in the summer when they came north to fish, and they went back south in the winter.

In De Soto, the Catholic Order of Brothers of Pius X had a house. One time on the way to La Crosse, we drove by and saw two Brothers hoeing in the garden. The Order was set up by Bishop Treacy of the La Crosse Diocese.

Young men who might later aspire to the priesthood went there to pray and farm. Some of the Brothers came to St. Patrick’s in Seneca to help with religious instruction. I thought at the time that they really looked sharp. They wore a white outfit with wide green bands over both shoulders. We heard that the Brothers of Pius X chanted the complete Divine Office and were in prayer four hours per day.


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