Raising Pigs on the Scheckel Farm continued…..

This chapter’s opening quote from Jesus Sermon on the Mount implies that truth or knowledge, which is the pearls, should not be put in front of people, meaning swine, who do not appreciate their value. This Bible quote gives pigs a bad reputation, a reputation that, I believe, is undeserved.

I developed an abiding affection for pigs on our farm. A pig is actually a very clean animal. They will eat almost anything, but then so did the Scheckel children! Yes, they’re natural foragers, and they root for worms and grubs because that’s their nature. Traditionally, they were fed table leftovers and unappealing slop, which was largely the waste product of milk, the whey. So even their food “slop” has a bad reputation. If you go to a restaurant and do not have a good meal, one might say, “They serve slop there.” Pigs can be messy eaters, devouring their food from low troughs, and voraciously gorging their meal.

Pigs like to stay clean, and won’t lie down in their manure if they can avoid it. You can’t say the same about cows or sheep or chickens. But pigs are penned up in sties or pig pens and are not free to roam like cattle and sheep. Yes, pigs make their own farm pond if given a chance. Pigs have no sweat glands, so they like to wallow in the mud and water. It keeps them cool.


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