A Reader Writes

I received an email this past week and have excerpts below:

“Thank-you for your great book, “Seneca Seasons….” I grew up on a farm in Racine, County. The part that blesses me the most about the book is that you took the time to write it down!!  It’s not that you had such an unusual life…in fact it’s uncanny how similar our farm lives were….but PRAISE GOD, ALLELUIA!!! YOU WROTE IT DOWN!!! You’ve preserved for all posterity our lives on the farm in the 40’s and 50’s and beyond, and in that I wholly rejoice!

My husband and I live back on the farm that I grew up on near Kansasville, WI.  in Racine County. Last June I was at a funeral for Ken Burton, who grew up near Fairview and Seneca. The funeral was in Burlington, WI.   Ken’s wife, Mary, also grew up in that area, she was a Sime, and her nephew was the Ag Teacher at Seneca High School when we bought out there, he too has passed away, way too young.

Anyway, at the funeral, realizing that I was going to be around many people from the Seneca and Mt Sterling area, I started asking people where they were from. So in the course of conversation someone mentioned to me about your book….someone said to me you should really read the book “Seneca Seasons”.   I thought it sounded interesting, but didn’t think about it again until I saw the book section at Johnson’s over Labor Day while we were “at the farm”.  Needless to say, I read almost all of it that week-end. Thanks so much for writing your memoirs.”

The email again indicates the importance of recording our memories by committing them to paper, or tape, or video. Someone once remarked that when we die, a book is lost.


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