New Science Book Coming Out

We have a new science book in the works and hope to publish in the coming months. Our first science book, Ask Your Science Teacher, was issued in 2011. The second science book, Ask A Science Teacher, hit the bookshelves in 2013.

Blank blackboard with chalky smudges

In 2014, we published a memoir of growing up on the Crawford County farm, Seneca Seasons: A Farm Boy Remembers. All three books have sold well, especially the two science books. The Seneca Seasons book is a niche market volume. It resonates well with those who grew up in rural America and especially those attending a one-room country school.

The newest one has a tentative title of I’ve Always Wondered About That. I say tentative because publishers often will suggest or choose their own title.

The new I’ve Always Wondered About That book has over 200 questions that have been asked by school kids and adults. I provide answers to the best of my ability. I have to look up stuff and rely on a cadre of doctors, nurses, dentists, engineers, and teachers for confirmation, suggestions, omissions, and advice.

The following is a sample of the Q and A pages from the book. Why was Abraham Lincoln so ugly? Why is there a big E at the top of the eye chart? Do fish drink water? Why do dogs bury their bones? Did Thomas Jefferson every invent anything? Is there a real global warming problem? How is a rainbow formed? Why do rivers meander? If you hit a golf ball on the moon, how far will it go? Is Bigfoot real? Why doesn’t stainless steel rust? Why is mercury poisonous? If you are in an elevator that is falling, can you save yourself by jumping up just before the elevator hits the ground? Why do things have to die?

These are examples of the same kind of questions in the science columns I write for the Tomah Journal and Monroe County Herald. I will provide updates on the newest science book in future blogs.

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