Continuing Down Crawford County

Continuing Down Crawford County 

We’re driving south on Highway 27, across the top of Crawford County in southwest Wisconsin. In our previous blogs, we passed through Rising Sun, past Fairview, Boma Ridge,  the 1926 Clara Olson murder,  Utica Lutheran Church, Mt. Sterling, and heading down to Seneca.

I have many memories of these roads, farms, and farm people. Quammes, Bolands, Olsons, , Lynchs, Andersons, and Vedviks along this four mile stretch of blacktop. The large Charlie Boland family was a half mile south of Mt. Sterling. My sister married one of the Bolands, Joe,  on his return from Korea where he was a medic in a MASH unit.Corn shocks

I went in the military with Bill Boland, who now lives on the Boland farm. A few farms away is the Dan Boland place. They have a cement culvert under the road that cows could pass through on their way to pasture.  I was amazed that people could build a cow tunnel right underneath a highway.

Around a sharp turn in Highway 27 is the Evergreen Cemetery. Standing in the middle of this cemetery affords a commanding view of the countryside, all farms, quiet, peaceful, not a bad place if one must pick a final resting place!

Lucille Fradette and her son Francis Fradette are here. The Bud Fradette family lived back on Oak Grove Ridge, and the Fradette kids attended Oak Grove School with us Scheckels. Most every family has some problems, but this family had some severe difficulties. For some years, the Fradette family lived “up on the Kuntz” farm and my brothers, Phillip, Bob, and I would be invited to watch The NBC Disney series of Davy Crockett at 6 PM on Sunday nights.

The Scheckels had no television.

Roger “Blackie” and Ronald “Whitie” Messling are interred in Evergreen Cemetery. They were in my class at Seneca High School. I got into a fist fight with “Blackie” at noontime over the possession of a volleyball in the gym. Not too proud of this episode.

Floyd and Della Sutton are buried here. They lived back on Oak Grove Ridge, good people and good farmers. Floyd would bring his Minneapolis Moline tractor with mounted corn picker over to the Scheckel farm and bring in the corn harvest on the acreage that we did not cut and shock with a corn binder.

On our next blog, we stay right on Highway 27 and come to Stony Point school.




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