News from Tomah

Yes, winter has set in, the quiet season, when the countryside is barren, bereft of greenery and growing crops. But there’s ample life out there, deer and wild turkeys, and we see formations of geese overhead. I think those are the mentally challenged geese, all the smart ones are down in Missouri and points south.

I remember going out in the fields about this time of the year on that Seneca, Wi farm on Oak Grove Ridge to load up the last of the corn shocks to take them in to the corn shredder parked next to the Big Barn. Seems like half the shocks would have mice living under them, having built their warm dwelling for the winter. Here we come along and destroy it. Those mice would often tunnel through the snow at ground level, and those tunnels were visible from above.

We’re into the second week of Advent and the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Mary is the Patron of the United States, you know. A Mass and celebration afterward is held at our Church on Dec 8. The reception/celebration, in St. Mary’s basement, is for all those who do any volunteer work for the Church. That’s over 300 people. Love those meat balls served with red wine!

Ann and I are out doing science presentations and book signings for Ask A Science Teacher and a book out in late September Seneca Seasons: A Farm Boy Remembers. We go to Elroy library on Dec 10, science presentations on Dec 11, and Dec 12 at Sparta, Mauston library on Dec 18, Midway Farm Show at the La Crosse Center on Jan 14. Television interviews on WXOX-La Crosse on Dec 12, and WEAU- Eau Claire on Dec 16.

Been out playing guitar/singing at assisted living homes and care centers in Tomah. Six of them in total. We do Christmas songs right now, at noon when they are eating and talking. They don’t hear too good, and I don’t play/sing too good, so it all works out fine!



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