Meeting people and book signings

Wife, Ann, and I had a very fine time at the Saturday November 8 Craft Fair at  Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on LaGrange Ave in Tomah. We sold and signed about 25 books, both our newest science book Ask A Science Teacher and a book out in late September Seneca Seasons: A Farm Boy Remembers.

Had a good talk with Mr. Vann, who was the baker in Tomah for many years. He told the story of his surviving a 1969 plane crash of a KC-97 refueling tanker attempting to land at General Mitchell Field in Milwaukee. Four of the eleven on board were killed.

We will be at the Burnstad’s Holiday Showcase this Thursday, Nov 13, from about 4 PM to 7 PM. This Tomah event is very popular with local residents and a big crowd is expected. Fred Weiner, who did the 48 illustrations for Seneca Seasons will also exhibit some of his art work.

Also looking forward to the Nov 15, 2014 Saturday Seneca, Wi.  Town Hall Lions Craft Fair from  9-2PM. It will be good to see and talk to so many of those “dear hearts and gentle people from my hometown.”

007 12 frontcover

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