Trip down South

My wife, Ann, and I just returned from a 10 day trip to the South. We toured  the giant John Deere Harvester factory in Moline, Illinois where they make those big green combines you see all over the United States. Viewed an introductory film, then rode an open wagon, pulled by a John Deere Gator,  wearing a headset, and went around the entire factory, listening and watched as the 2400 employees were busily working away. Then we went to the John Deere World Headquarters a short distance away and viewed their display area. Combines, tractors, lawn equipment, and some original John Deere plows and farm equipment.

Traveled to Galesburg, Illinois and visited Knox College, site of the fifth debate between Lincoln and Douglas that took place on Oct 6, 1858. An estimated 10,000 people listened to the 3 hour debate in cold and windy weather. The platform in front of the college hall was built so high that the building occupants couldn’t come out the door. Lincoln and others had to crawl out one of the lower floor windows. Rumor has it that Lincoln remarked that “he had now been through college”.

Motored down to Hannibal, Missouri, home of Mark Twain, toured the waterfront, coffee and rolls at a restaurant. They’re done a nice job on the restored historic riverfront, but the streets around the historic district are torn up and not in good shape and will not be passable when the tourist season starts. Bad move on Hannibal’s part.

More about Branson and Nashville on next post.

Larry Scheckel





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