My new book

stirs the soul of every human. Who has not wondered about how the human body
works, or why gravity makes things fall, or why sunflowers always face the sun.
What about a man flying with wings? How big would those wings have to be? How
tall can a human grow? Why are tennis balls fuzzy? What happens to the white
when snow melts? What does Einstein’s famous equation really mean? Mysteries
lurk in our house, our body, the outdoors, in the heavens, and the universe. Over
250 “I always wondered about that” questions and answers are in this
book. Larry Scheckel has taught high school science for over 38 years and
writes a weekly science column for the local newspaper. Known as Mr. Science,
Larry Scheckel has given science presentations to thousands of children and
adults across the United States. He has been a “full house” presenter
at conventions and science seminars. Mr. Science has thrilled audiences for
over 35 years with amazing science demonstrations to audiences from
kindergarten to adults. Browse the contents of this book and enjoy an
entertaining and thoughtful look at how our world works. Discover the secrets
of life’s most baffling mysteries.

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